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a wishful little thought

and how i longed to live in the dream.

jessica's my name, being easily confused at all times is my games (though the game isn't willingly played, mind you). i've just recently turned sixteen (which apparently means that i'm no longer at the "thriving" age), and i'm at the point where talk about the future makes me want to run - screaming - in the opposite direction. i spend my vacation time crying about attractive asian men and the volumes of gay they radiate, and i (unfortunately) spend a majority of the academic year doing so as well. if you want to complain to someone about ap courses, i'm your gal. because i swear, if this is what college is actually like, i'm going to fling myself into the sun as soon as possible. i have a bad habit of getting easily distracted (blame tumblr. always blame tumblr.) and an unhealthy obsession with cake. my friends enjoy babying me because of my nonexistent height, while my online friends enjoy making clever references to my writing that i can't always catch (ukexing also has an unhealthy obsession with buttsecks - but you didn't hear that from me. c;). i wouldn't be anywhere without my go-to grammar girl timingspaces, who loves writing almost as much as she loves sassing me every moment of my life.
in my freshman year of high school, my life was ruined by a certain genre of music called "kpop". in my sophomore year of high school, my life was ruined even more by a certain kpop group called exo. said group has proceeded to ruin my life at an alarming rate because jesus christ, /i knew/ that i should've avoided the sexy asian men, but let's be honest: how many people can really resist sexy asian men that sing and dance and rap and are just super hot? that's right. no one. i stan yixing, but all the rankings from two to twelve are always jumbled up because these derps are too perfect to be real. otp is layhan. and i swear, i can cry about their dumb and dumber relationship until the next apocalypse comes around.
writing is an obsession of mine that's more intense than my love for all things sweet. reading is definitely by next favorite thing to do since i absolutely adore reading the work of others. thought i love a well-written romcom, i find that i always deviate more towards darker stories: angst, tragedy, psychological thrillers, etc. despite the fact that i'm a total wimp, i basically spend my free time searching for fics to make me sob into oblivion. which is a bit odd. but oh well. yolo.

(a majority of my stories are found on aff.net or ff.net since i was expose to those sites long before i stumbled upon lj. you can read them if you like, but in all honesty, i'd try to steer clear of it. pmsl.)

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